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COMESA’s total trade increased by US$ 2 billion from US$ 238 billion in 2016 to US$ 240 billion in 2017. This increase was due to improved export performance which recorded a rise of 19% from US$ 73 billion in 2016 to US$ 87 billion in 2017. COMESA countries that recorded notable growth rates in their 2017 exports were DRC (66%), Rwanda (55%), Libya (52%), Sudan (41%), Zambia (25%), Seychelles (22%), Eswatini (19%), Ethiopia (15%), Comoros (12%), Egypt (12%) and Uganda (12%). DRC, Libya, Egypt, Zambia and Sudan together accounted for a combined increase of US$ 15 billion in exports in 2017. On the other hand, COMESA’s global imports dropped by 7% from US$ 165 billion in 2016 to US$ 154 billion in 2017.  

The drop in COMESA’s global imports was mainly attributed to performance by Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Djibouti whose combined imports accounted for a decline of US$20 billion in 2017.  The viz below depicts the performance of COMESA’s global trade over the period 2007 – 2017 and the trends in trade within COMESA and with its major trading partner the EU.

For more detailed information on  COMESA International Trade Statistics download the 2018 COMESA International Trade Statistics Bulletin.

Source: 2018 COMESA International Trade Statistics Bulletin.

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