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Every minute, 20 people are forcibly displaced from their settlements as a result of conflict or persecution (UNHCR). These are just some of the outstanding causes for displacement of people in Sub Saharan Africa. SSA alone is home to 26% of the world's 22.5 million refugees. 

Refugee crisis in Africa according to the World Migration Report 2018 has continued to worsen  due to intractable conflicts, political and communal violence and peace building setbacks which have displaced million of people. For example,in 2016 over 1.4 million South Sudanese(a majority of whom were children) were displaced and forced into neighboring countries. Burundi, Eritrea and Ethiopia produced significant refugees or IDPs in that year. 

In the northern part of Uganda sits the world's largest refugee settlement, Bidibidi refugee settlement which is home to part of the 940000 displaced people staying in Uganda. Ethiopia and Uganda are part of the top six refugee hosting countries in the world.

Issues regarding refugees have continued to stir interest from different stakeholders, academia, NGOs, governments and think tank groups. 

However, just how much of the refugee cases have been recorded at the COMESA region over the years? Take a look at the visualizations presented below.




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